Brand Story

When I was little, the yellow Crayola crayon color didn’t seem to represent what I thought I looked like. I grew up in a majority non asian area so I always felt like an outcast, because of my skin color.

This changed during college and I have learned to love myself, but looking back, I feel that no child should ever have to feel that way. This is why I started Paper Oranges, so that no matter what age, ethnicity or culture you are, you can always find a place in this community.

We focus on those in STEAM (Science, Technology, Education, Arts and Math) so if you’re not finding people to connect with then we’re here for you. – Christine Pham

NOTE: We’re in the process to file as a 501(c)3!


Christine Pham

FOUNDER. Current software engineer at VMware, focusing on frontend development. She has a passion for STEAM education and is excited to start sharing stories with others.

LinkedIn: christinetpham | Instagram: @xtineyweenie | Medium: @xtineyweenie

Joanne Cheng

ILLUSTRATOR. Currently attending UC Irvine. Joanne aspires to be an illustrator telling stories that focus on immigrant experiences, STEAM related, and casual stories too.

Check out her work at and IG: @artofj0_anime

Chelsea Galvez

CREATIVE DIRECTOR. Web Developer and Illustrator with a fondness for creating moving stories and delightful experiences.

LinkedIn: galvc | Github: galvc | Portfolio: chelseagalvez