Learn more about the people helping bring everything to life!

Sophia Huang

ILLUSTRATOR of Alice’s 3D Printing Spree

Dasani Madipali

WRITER & ILLUSTRATOR. Dasani is a Program Manager at Microsoft who loves solving technical problems, writing, doodling and everything in between!

IG: @dasani_decoded | LinkedIn: dasani-m

Bianca Curutan

WRITER. Software engineer at Postmates, working on the Fleet Android and iOS apps. Although originally from Canada, Bianca is currently an active speaker, writer, and member of the tech community in the SF Bay Area. 

LinkedIn: bmcurutan | WordPress: bmcurutan | Github: bmcurutan | Twitter: bmcurutan 

Angelique De Castro

ILLUSTRATOR. Full stack engineer at Nyansa and creative technologist who loves consuming stories as much as producing them in fun illustrations or technology– or both!.

LinkedIn: angeliquedecastro | Github: ifearcompilererrors | IG: @neuegratis